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Primary Services

Inspection Services

We provide reliable state-of-the-art In-Line Inspection tools (ILI) for the pipeline industry. Each tool is equipped with:

• XHR MFL – Extra High Resolution
• Combined geometry sensors
• Uniform sensor spacing
• IDOD discrimination
• 1.5D bend capability
• 25% bore reduction capability

Integrity Services

We have the experience and resources to make the ILI experience successful from the concept stage through rehabilitation. We want to provide the most for your inspection dollar.

Other Services

We offer the world’s largest diameter inspection tools for inspecting large pipe, such as water lines.

Welcome to EMTEK

Need a smart pig inspection on your crude oil, refined products, natural gas, chemical, or water line? Call us at EMTEK!

Since 1987, EMTEK has been providing In-Line Inspection (ILI) services for the hazardous liquid and natural gas pipeline industry. Today, EMTEK provides unique pipeline inspection tools which combine Extra High Resolution (XHR) Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) with Pipeline Geometry Inspection for the petrochemical industry.

EMTEK also has the world's largest MFL tool for the inspection of water lines, including those with mortar lining.


EMTEK Equipment


8 Inch XHR MFL In-Line Inspection Tool


10 Inch XHR MFL In-Line Inspection Tool


12 Inch XHR MFL In-Line Inspection Tool


24 Inch XHR MFL In-Line Inspection Tool


56-78 Inch XHR MFL In-Line Inspection Tool

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